• The conclusion of
    the Supervisory Board

The activities of the Board are monitored by the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board monitors for example the policy, adequate risk management and a well-balanced evaluation of interests. The Supervisory Board consists of three members.

Composition as of May 2022

  • RvT_Scheepens Kees


  • RvT_Ong Willeke

  • RvT_LinnenbankStephan-3

Pension fund code

The Board has incorporated the recommendations and best practices from the Pension Fund Code in its business operations. The Supervisory Board took note of and endorsed the Board’s analysis regarding compliance with the Code. The Board conducted an analysis on compliance with the Code. The Supervisory Board made further recommendations on several points.


Engender and confirm confidence
In the context of the transition to the Future Pensions Act, it is important to properly record the justification for indexation as of January 1, 2023, and its relationship with the balanced consideration of interests in decisions yet to be taken under the Future Pensions Act. The legally required transition plan now needs to include how transition phase decisions impacted the transition decision-making. These impacts should also be explained quantitatively. The Supervisory Board recommends using a balancing framework in decision-making for the coming period in the context of the Future Pensions Act.

Take responsibility

Create a new service level agreement (DVO) with DPS in 2023 and continue to ensure that the fund retains sufficient flexibility to continue to implement its own strategy.

Considered appointments

In 2023, monitor the progress of the Diversity Policy as incorporated in the Action Plan.

The transition to the new pension scheme demands a consolidation of knowledge and competencies. As a Board, investigate the competencies and knowledge areas involved and work on this.


Specific Priorities for 2022 were:

ESG theme

  • Objectives
  • Risk management
  • Reports

Future Pensions Act theme

  • Project plan
  • Risk analysis
  • Costs
  • Communication
  • Data quality


The full text of the Supervisory Board's findings and recommendations and the response of SPF's Board can be read in SPF's annual report (PDF in Dutch only).