Jaarbericht 2016 CONTENTS


The Board of the fund consists of ten voting members, all of whom are appointed by the Board. The employers (SABIC Europe BV, SABIC Limburg BV, SABIC Capital BV, SABIC Innovative Plastics, and SABIC Global Technologies BV) collectively nominated four members. The Works’ Councils at SABIC nominate two members, while retirees nominate another two members (themselves retirees). The two external Board professionals are appointed by the fund.


From left to right: Willem Grin, Jos van Gisbergen, Giselle Verwoort, Leon Jacobs (from 2017), Jo Mastenbroek (Chair), Guido Croonen (Deputy Chair), Dries Nagtegaal, Marcel Roberts, Arthur Smit. René Witjes is not present on the photo.

Nominated by employer
Mr. G.M.M. Croonen (Deputy Chair)
Mr. J.G.M. van Gisbergen
Mr. L.P. Jacobs (bestuurslid vanaf 12 mei 2017)
Mr. A.J. Smit
Nominated by the Works’ Councils
Ms. G. Verwoort
Mr. R. Witjes
Nominated by retirees
Mr. W. Grin
Mr. J.P. Mastenbroek
Nominated by the Board and Board professionals
Mr. A. Nagtegaal
Mr. M.J.E. Roberts
The Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of the Chair, the Deputy Chair, and the two external Board professionals. The Executive Board takes care of the day-to-day issues relating to implementation and other aspects arising from policy choices within the Board's framework.


Board Developments

Following the departure of Frank Mortier from SABIC, the Board at SPF has elected Jo Mastenbroek as Chair.
Leon Jacobs has been nominated by the employer as the successor of Frank Mortier. Coming from SPF's succession planning pool, Leon Jacobs already had the necessary pension training. This accelerated the lead time. Leon has been appointed by the Board and approved by the DNB. Having been a voting member of SPF’s Board since May 12, 2017, his arrival means that the Board is once again complete.