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Information on your pension with SPF


SPF's website has extensive information on the pensions it offers. The website also features a secure portal. You will need to click on the ‘My pension’ tab and enter your DigiD username and password to access this portal. This section features a pension planner with figures relating to your pension with SPF. The planner can be accessed by both active and deferred members.

SPF has a Pension Desk that you can contact by phone at +31(0)45 578 81 00 or by e-mail at (info.pensioenfondsSABIC@dsm.com) to ask any questions you have about your pension with SPF. Please have your SPF administration number ready.

SPF will send you a digital newsletter four times a year with up-to-date information on pensions with SPF. You can subscribe to the newsletter on SPF's website.

Good to know

  • The pension of current retirees will not be paid with the money from the pension contributions of the current employees.
  • For each euro of monthly pension contributions paid by an employee and employer, you as a retiree will receive three euros back in pension on average.
  • If you retire at the statutory retirement age (AOW), you will not receive 70% of the last earnt wage but, including AOW, about 75% of the average earnt wage if pension contributions have been paid for forty years.
  • If the pension fund did not invest the money from pension contributions, you as a retiree would have a smaller amount of pension available and you would certainly not get three euros back for each deposited euro.
  • As pension funds do not make profit in the way insurance companies do, all return on investment benefits the members of the pension fund.
  • PDN pension is available to both retirees and middle-aged workers who are disabled or to the partner and children of a middle-aged person who passes away.
  • Active members work more than one day a week for their pension.