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The year 2016

“Last year was not easy.” This was the conclusion of the Chair, Jo Mastenbroek, and Deputy Chair, Guido Croonen, in their extensive review of last year.

Mastenbroek explains, “Over the year, we were concerned that we’d need to make end-of-year curtailments to retirees’ pensions and to the pension accrual of active and deferred members. Thankfully, however, the financial markets had recovered slightly by the end of the year, which helped us tide over and avoid curtailments.”

Looking back, the Chair and Deputy Chair saw the fund make a good return in 2016. Croonen says, “Administration and management are healthy, and we have enough people sitting on the Board and advisory committees. Besides that, the positive financial developments appear to have continued in the first months of 2017.” Click here (link) for the full interview.